Advertiser Promotions: What They Are & Why You Should Care

by Liz Huff Second Street

What is an advertiser promotion?

These specific promotions and interactive content are created entirely with the advertiser in mind. It is designed to achieve the advertiser’s specific goals and to produce results your company can measure and deliver.

Generate Hot Leads for Advertisers

Advertiser PromotionSponsored Promotion
Runs on advertiser's site or Facebook PageRuns on media company's site or Facebook Page
Exclusive opt-ins, optionsl Facbook Like Box, and survey questions centered around the advertiserMay include opt-ins, optional Facebook Like Box, and survey questions for media company & advertiser
Appears as a promotion run by the advertiser - media company brand is not visibleAppears as a promotion run by the media company with the advertiser's logo/branding added on

Here’s a break down all the benefits these promotions can bring to your company and to the advertiser.

Why should my media company run advertiser promotions?

  1. Creates New Revenue Stream. These promotions can be developed for just about any sponsor, opening up a new revenue stream you’re not currently utilizing or had not considered as a possible partner before. Plus, since your media company is managing the promotion, you control the data and can monitor the results without having to ask the advertiser.
  2. Achieves Revenue Goals. There is no limit or season for running an advertiser promotion. So set your yearly advertiser revenue goal, assign a value to every aspect of your promotions package, and then see how many of these promotions need to be sold each month to reach your goal.

What benefits does this provide an advertiser?

  1. Grow Email Database. Advertisers are looking for ways to get the most value out of their investment with you. Including an email opt-in on their promotion will allow them to grow their email database to use for their own future marketing purposes.

  2. Position for Targeting Emails. Providing your advertisers with the tools they need to send targeted emails is important. By requesting demographic data like zip code, age, and gender (referred to as ZAG) on the registration form, you’ll make that email opt-in even more valuable to your advertisers.

  3. Produce Qualified Leads. Additionally, utilize survey questions to allow your advertiser to collect data that can identify hot leads. Survey questions give you the opportunity to target specific questions related to the advertiser’s products or services that can directly turn into new customers.


Still unsure of how to begin?

Running this type of promotion can be the start of a long-lasting relationship with a new advertising partner or a new, creative option for an existing one.

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