34 Advertisers You Need to Call Right Now

by Matt Hummert Second Street

Key Takeaways

Advertisers in Growth Mode

Despite the economic downturn, some businesses are thriving. From grocery, wine, and liquor stores to wealth management, financial planning, and home improvement stores, many businesses are seeing a boom in their sales and traffic. With lots of competition, promotions help drive sales, increase brand awareness, and keep businesses top-of-mind with consumers during this critical time.

Reach Out to Advertisers in Growth Mode

Advertisers that are Mildly Disrupted

Some advertisers are still in business but affected by the state of the world right now. HVAC, windows and door companies, roofers, and even pet services are all dealing with a more challenging time to find customers. Pitch promotions to help these businesses identify qualified leads in a time they need it most.

Reach Out to Advertisers who are Mildly DIsrupted

Advertisers that are Disrupted & Pivoting

But for a large portion of local businesses, the effects of COVID-19 are dramatic and have forced them to completely change their strategy. Restaurants, travel services, local attractions, fitness, dental services, and many more are in need of help from your media company. Even during the downturn, you can use promotions to help them grow their email lists, advertise their new initiatives, and keep their brand top-of-mind with your audience.

Reach Out to Advertisers who are Disrupted and Pivoting

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