7 Advantages of On-Demand Sales Training

by Julie Foley Second Street

You can access it anytime and anywhere.

Whether you are in the office, on a plane, on your lunch break, or even at your sales meeting, the training is there too.

You can learn at your own pace.

Since on-demand training sessions are available anytime and anywhere, you can easily come and go as you please. On-demand training puts the learner in control and lets them set their own pace.

You can review content again as needed.

Similarly, since on-demand training is always available it’s easy to repeat modules, pause to take notes, and so on. If you ever need a refresher, it’s easy to go back and listen again.

It’s easy and cost-effective to implement.

For teams that are spread out, on-demand training allows you to make training available without incurring travel expenses or taking people out of the field for an extended period of time.

You can set deadlines.

If you want to train a whole team at the same time without interrupting the day-to-day schedule, you can set training deadlines but still allow everyone to work at their own pace. Setting deadlines for on-demand training helps keep people accountable, while also allowing them to be flexible.

You can train before specific initiatives.

Make training an integral part of your promotions planning for major initiatives (like football or the winter holidays). Be sure to build in time for training as part of the planning and launch process.

You can use tracking and reporting.

By looking at the results of the built-in assessments, you can keep track of how your team is doing. The analytics available with on-demand sales training allow you to see what content people are flying through and which areas might require a little more discussion as a team.