3 Ways Actionable Data Can Boost Your Email Program

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

Help you build better content

Actionable data allows you to tailor your content to best fit your audience. When you ask questions, it guides your content, promotions, and event opportunities. You can utilize data (such as an interest in a specific artist) to create better email content.

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“[We] really have been spending a lot of time learning what artists, specifically, each individual database member is interested in…By doing that, [we] are able to then feed those consumers information and opportunities about that specific artist. And the results are paying off!”

Jennifer Williams Vice President of Digital Marketing, Beasley Media Group

Generate enthusiastic audience response

Email is an intimate format to connect with your audience – if you treat your email relationships like personal relationships, your database becomes much more valuable. Segmented emails provide an exclusive experience for the user, which will better engage your audience. This in turn translates to better open rates, more website visits, and more time on site.

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Create revenue opportunities

The information you collect also creates multiple new opportunities for revenue. Not only can you utilize this data to create a valuable targeted email campaign for a sponsoring business, but you can also use it to generate revenue through your owned-and-operated products.

For example, a newspaper can include a lead-generation question on their city-wide ballot to ask audience members if they are currently subscribed to the newspaper. That data, plus email opt-in, allows you to contact the user with information on subscribing.

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