6 Refreshing Promotion Types for Beverage Partners

by Matt Hummert Second Street

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Use quizzes to engage your audience by testing their knowledge on a specific beverage type or to find out what type of beverage best fits their personality!


Pit your beverages in a head to head bracket to find out which reigns supreme! You can even dive into alternate topics like determining which snack goes best with your beverage!


Yet another way to determine which of your beverages is your audience’s favorite! With ballots, you can also create different categories to drill down to specific tastes and desires.

best cocktail ballot


Sweepstakes are a simple yet effective way to engage with your audience. As long as you have a good prize – like tickets to your next event or a sizable gift card to purchase your products – you can bet people will participate!

  • Girls’/Guys’ Night Out at Your Event
  • Beerfest Giveaway
  • Beverage Gift Card Giveaway


Poll your audience to find out which beverage is their favorite!

favorite drinks poll


Invite your audience to attend an event you’re throwing, whether that is a demo of your best cocktails, or a tasting of your new beverages!

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