5 Quizzes to Captivate Your Parenting Audience

by Liz Huff Second Street

What is Your Parenting Style?

Attach this personality quiz to an article about the effectiveness of certain parenting tactics, or post it to your social pages to spark sharing activity.

What’s Your Child Safety IQ?

This educational quiz can help both new parents and parents-to-be learn more about keeping their children safe.

Are You Ready for Your Newborn?

While a quiz like this might cause some nervous chuckles around the apartment, soon-to-be parents will love to test their knowledge to find out if they are ready for when the big day arrives.

Do You Overshare on Social Media?

The social media landscape is a tricky space to navigate. Are you irritating your network by posting photos every day? Will your child one day stumble upon an embarrassing post from the past on your Facebook Page? This quiz can be fun for the whole family and help avoid some awkward situations. See the example below that came from parents.com.


Do You Know Your Internet Speak?

For any parent it can be difficult to understand all of the lingo and acronyms that pop up constantly online. A simple quiz can be an effective guide to help parents understand the slang their kids use.


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