30in30: Top Ideas for Promotions + Email [COVID Edition]

by Liz Huff Second Street


This is your must-have planning guide and idea bank to promotions, events, and email. You don’t want to start creating your 2021 calendar without it.


Leaning Into the Moment

The pandemic has put local media companies at the center of their communities. In order to find success during COVID-19, many have taken this as an opportunity to support other local businesses, help the people of their community, and check-in on their audience.

Find Your Place in the Pandemic

Advertiser Lead-Gen Campaigns

Your advertisers need leads. Creating campaigns optimized to deliver quality leads will establish your credibility with an advertiser. When they’re confident in your abilities, they’ll be eager to continue to work with you on future campaigns.

Deliver Leads for Any Advertiser

Recurring Revenue

Now more than ever, it’s important to have consistent income all year long. Sell the campaign one time, and you have checks coming in every month. This is one of the most efficient ways to sell as it frees your sales team up to sell other sponsorships.

Sell More Efficiently


Citywide Ballots (like Readers’ Choice or Best Of) highlight your advertisers and generate big revenue for your company. We’re seeing many local advertisers think winning is even more important during the pandemic and are willing to pay to help their chances.

Advertisers Need Your Ballot


Nothing brings out the competitive nature of your audience better than a bracket. From Battle of the Burgers to the Craft Beer Face Off, we’ve seen that voting brackets aren’t just for sports!

Let Competitive Nature Thrive

Event Sign-Ups

Whether you’re running virtual or in-person events, the new Event Sign-Ups product allows you to easily invite your audience to an event. Integrated within your promotions and email platform, the process of event setup has never been easier.

Create Virtual or In-Person Events

Database Growth

This year has been one of the biggest for database growth. As audiences sought out more information from their local media sources, companies were sure to leverage newsletter signups and email opt-ins to help move their audience from unknown to known.

Grow Your Email Database

National Sweepstakes

In 2021, Second Street is providing six national sweepstakes – FREE – for all of our customers. With big prizes, these contests are ideal for advertisers looking for a lot of branding, database growth, and lead-gen!

6 National Sweeps in 2021

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