3 Promotions That Drove Major First Party Data Growth

by Liz Huff Second Street

Grocery Store Increases Newsletter Signups and App Downloads While Learning About Their Customers


AL.com’s client’s main goals were to gain a better understanding of their target audience’s grocery preferences, as well as increase their app downloads and e-newsletter signups. This sweepstakes included custom questions to strengthen the grocery store’s data on topics like how often a family shops for groceries, what they value most when shopping, and more. With 3,000+ opt-ins for their newsletter and wine opt-ins and 700+ app downloads, this client signed on for 2 more contests in the following year!

Magazine Gathers Data for Story Content While Growing Niche Newsletter Opt-Ins

St. Louis Magazine

The St. Louis Magazine utilized their reader’s love of food and desire to fight for their favorite with their Food Fight Brackets. This bracket, launched to find the best place to eat breakfast in St. Louis, not only served to engage their audience, but also helped generate data for content pieces within that category for their magazine. Plus, it spurred 500+ newsletter opt-ins for their niche dining newsletter!

Tourism Client Acquires New Clients While Gathering Travel Data

The Villages Daily Sun

The Villages Daily Sun partnered with their tourism client to gather important travel information from their market. They launched a quiz that included questions like ‘How many in-state vacations do you plan on taking in the next 12 months?’ and ‘Are you interested in beach getaway packages?’ They shared the results of this quiz with their client to build their client’s First Party Data, but also used the data collected to create a sales resource piece to share with other travel clients and prospects. Additionally, this quiz drove 600+ new opt-ins for The Villages Daily Sun’s contests and promotions outreach, and 500+ new opt-ins for their partner’s offers and promotions.

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