Follow the 3-2-1 Rule to Maximize Your Success

by Liz Huff Second Street

Plan: Three Months Out

If you’re planning on launching your Thanksgiveaway in November, that means you need to start making your plans by August. This is the time to lay your groundwork, review your stats from previous years, set revenue and database goals, develop your prospect lists, and build sponsorship packages that will maximize your revenue.


Sell: Two Months Out

Since you previously planned out your sponsorship packages, now’s the time to prepare your sales team with one-sheets, pitch decks, and any specific training they’ll need to land sponsorship deals. Not only will this take some of the stress off your sales team, but you’ll likely be reaching out to advertisers before your competition. Plus, the extra time to target advertisers provides an opportunity for even more sponsors to invest in your promotion or interactive content (meaning more revenue!)


Promote: One Month Out

Now that your campaign is put together and your advertisers are locked in, you have an entire month to prepare your promotion plan. Use this time to gather all the assets you need like advertiser logos and branding for the promotion as well as check inventory and schedule your on-air and in-print advertising.


Launch Your Campaign

The hard work isn’t over yet, but dedicating time to planning, selling, and creating your promotion plan will surely lay the groundwork for success at launch day. Now that your campaign is live, be sure to send out a dedicated email and kickoff the marketing of your campaign in earnest (through social, website ads, on-air, in-print, etc.) to really drive home a winner.

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