4 Lessons from the 2014 Second Street Awards

by Liz Huff Second Street


Want to get better results with your promotions? Then you definitely need to do the following:

Plan your promotions calendar

The strongest promotions programs are also the most organized. Planning far in advance – from brainstorming to targeting the right audiences to aligning with existing initiatives – is crucial to your success with promotions. Download the Promotions Calendar Template to use it to develop a year-long promotions strategy that will generate revenue, build your audience, and grow your email database.

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Focus on delivering results for your advertisers

As a media company selling promotions, it’s important to conduct a needs analysis with every advertiser, and to stay focused on your advertiser’s objectives throughout the sales process. Whether it be a contest, ballot, quiz, or ecommerce promotion, make sure you are choosing the right promotion type to meet your advertiser’s needs. Learn more about how promotions can generate leads, drive foot traffic, grow email database and social followings, and collect data for advertisers in the How to Drive Measurable Results for Your Advertisers with Online Promotions playbook.

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Hire a dedicated promotions manager

Whether at the chain level or the property level, having a dedicated promotions manager makes it easier for your team to plan ahead and stay on track with promotions. Interested in adding a Promotions Manager at your media company, or simply learning more about the position? Download the Promotions Manager Job Description & Profiles to find a sample job description and profiles of Promotions Managers from a variety of media companies.

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Run a variety of promotion types

The big achievers are not just focused on one promotion type. Instead, they’re filling their promotions calendars with a mix of contests, ballots, ecommerce promotions, and quizzes. The more promotions you run of varying types, the stronger your program becomes, because different promotion types solve problems in different ways. Variety also drives the most engagement – while someone might be more inclined to take a quiz than enter a contest, the reverse could be true for another of your customers.


You can find a list of all of this year’s winners and finalists here.


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