14 Advertiser Categories to Target for Quizzes (& What to Sell Them)

by Ellen Trunk Second Street


  • What Car Should You Drive?
  • What Kind of Car Are You?
  • What Kind of Driver Are You?
  • Do You Know the Rules of the Road?
  • Car Maintenance Trivia
  • How Much Do You Know About Texting and Driving?

Here’s a case study of how a quiz and event sponsorship lead to qualified leads for a car dealership.


  • What Kind of Shopper Are You?
  • How Much Do You Know About Personal Finance?
  • Which Investment Plan Is Right For You?
  • How Much Do You Know About Income Taxes?
  • How Much DO You Know About Tax Basics?
Food & Drink

  • Can We Guess Your Favorite Food?
  • Which Cocktail Are You?
  • What Kind of Beer Are You?
  • What Should You Make For Dinner?
  • What Stadium Food Are You?
  • What Type of Thanksgiving Food Are You?
  • Test Your Chocolate Knowledge
  • What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?
  • Pair the Wine With the Region
  • History of Wine
  • Test Your Wine Knowledge
  • What Kind of Junk Food Are You?
  • What’s Your Grilling IQ?
  • Test Your Coffee Knowledge
  • Name That Ingredient
  • Which Celebrity Chef Are You?

See how a small Mexican restaurant raised awareness about their newest location by running a trivia quiz around the history of the restaurant.


  • Who’s Your TV Mom?
  • What’s Your Grilling IQ?
  • Name That Ingredient
  • What’s Your Healthy Eating IQ?
  • What’s Your Parenting Style?
  • Which TV Family Are You?

Check out this case study of how a paper made $25K by selling a Mother’s Day quiz to a local grocery store.


  • Test Your Breast Cancer Knowledge
  • How Well Do You Know Your Workouts?
  • What’s Your Healthy Eating IQ?
  • Are You a Dental Hygiene Pro?
  • How Much Do You Know About Heart Health?
  • Test Your Breast Cancer Knowledge
  • How Many Calories Does It Burn?

Check out this case study of how a quiz helped raise awareness for local breast cancer prevention events for a medical center.

Home Improvement

  • What Is Your Dream Home?
  • Which Room Are You?
  • Test Your Lawn IQ
  • Deck Maintenance Trivia
  • Home Maintenance Trivia Quiz
Kids & Babies

  • What Should You Name Your Baby?
  • What’s Your Parenting Style?
  • Are You Ready For Your Newborn?
  • What’s Your Child Safety IQ?
Movie Theaters

  • What Holiday Movie Are You?
  • Movie Awards Trivia
  • Think You’re A Movie Buff?
  • Test Your Basketball Movie Trivia

  • Are You a Dog Person or a Cat Person?
  • What Kind of Dog/Cat Are You?
  • What’s Your Spirit Animal?
  • What Kind of Dog/Cat Should You Adopt?
  • Pet Care Trivia

  • What Kind of Hunter are you?
  • Which Sport Should You Pick Up?
  • Where Should Your Next Camping/Hiking/Fishing Trip Be?
  • National Park Trivia
  • Can We Guess What Kind of Camper You Are?

  • Which City Should You Actually Live In?
  • Can You Guess How Much These Houses Cost?

  • Which Color Looks Best on You?
  • Which Famous Designer Are You?
  • What’s Your Style Profile?
  • What’s Your Furniture Style?
  • What Should You Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day?
  • What Should You Get Your Dad For Father’s Day?

See how a personality quiz featuring a furniture store’s products lead to over 1,300 sales leads.


  • Which Player Are You?
  • What Kind of Fan Are You?
  • Which Team Should You Root For?
  • Derby Trivia
  • Which Triple Crown Winning Horse Are You?
  • Where Should You Watch the Derby?
  • Horse Racing Trivia
  • What Kind of College Hoops Fan Are You?
  • Which College Hoops Coach Are You?
  • Test Your Basketball Movie Trivia
  • Test Your College Hoops Tournament Knowledge
  • Pro Basketball Trivia
  • What’s Your Golf Game Like?
  • Pro Golf Trivia
  • Who Said It: Baseball Player Edition
  • What’s Your Baseball IQ?
  • What Kind of Baseball Fan Are You?
  • Who Said It: Baseball Manager Edition
  • How Much Do You Know About Negro League Baseball History?
  • Pro Baseball Trivia
  • Test Your Racing Knowledge
  • Racing Movie Trivia
  • Racetrack Trivia
  • Rules of the Game: Hockey Edition
  • Who Said It: Hockey Player Edition
  • What Kind of Big Game Viewer Are You?
  • Big Game Football Trivia
  • Who Said It: Manning or Ali?
  • Who Said It: Belichick or Churchill?
  • Which Playoff QB Are You?
  • Football Trivia Quiz
Travel & Tourism

  • How Badly Do You Need a Vacation?
  • Which City Should You Live In?
  • Where is the Perfect Vacation For You?

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