8 Points to Sell an Advertiser on Your Pro Football Contest

by Matt Hummert Second Street

Pro football has always been my favorite sports contest. It’s not just because football is America’s most popular sport, but because it runs a full 22 weeks. And when you provide incentives for players to return week after week, they’ll be engaging with your contest and the sponsor’s brand all season long.

Within the past years, we’ve seen some partners bring in six figures in revenue with this contest alone. How did they do it? Well, it all started with hooking the right advertisers.

So as you get ready to pitch your pro football contest, here are eight points you definitely want to make to your advertisers. How could they say no?

  1. Being our sponsor will deliver the sports audience to your website and Facebook page.
  2. 64% of adults watch football every weekend – this is an interactive way to play along.
  3. Put your name front and center for fans returning week after week to make their picks.
  4. You can be a VIP! Make your picks public each week, and fans can compare their own picks.
  5. Gain exposure where fans play: online, mobile, and Facebook.
  6. Increase opt-ins by asking fans to subscribe to your newsletter during registration.
  7. Be part of fans making their game picks and also their weekly “Survivor Pick” as well.
  8. Offer great prizes which generate foot traffic to your business in order to claim them.

So, practice your perfect pitch, hit up lots of advertisers, and make your pro football contest your biggest revenue generator yet.

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