Quiz Bundles: Your Answer to Monetizing Quiz Excitement

by Liz Huff Second Street

You already know that quizzes are ideal for driving engagement and sharing on social. If you look at your Facebook News Feed right now, I bet you can find at least a handful of quizzes that your friends have shared.

But how can you turn a short quiz into a full advertising campaign? On top of that, how can you make these quizzes more valuable to your advertiser and bring in more revenue for your company?

The answer: quiz bundles.

Quiz bundles are sets of 3-5 quizzes themed around a sport, a holiday, or even an advertiser.

Football Quiz BundleMother's Day Quiz BundleAutomotive Quiz Bundle
What Type of Football Fan Are You?What's the Best Mother's Day Gift for Your Mom?What Kind of Car is Right for You?
Test Your NFL History KnowledgeWhat Type of TV Mom Are You?Which Summer Road Trip Should You Take?
Can You Name These NFL Coaches?Which Local Restaurant Should You Take Mom To?Test Your Car Maintenance IQ
Which (City Name) Mascot Are You?Can You Guess These Celebrity Mothers?
How Well Do You Know This (City Name) Rivalry?

Streamline your sales process by selling the quiz bundle to one advertiser as a full campaign. With each quiz in your bundle running for about a week suddenly this is a month-long campaign (and maybe even longer!) With the longer shelf-life and increase in frequency, you can leverage the value of a bundle with your advertisers.

As an added bonus, the variety of quizzes in your bundle can let you target a much wider audience. A trivia quiz such as a “Can You Name These NFL Coaches?” would be perfect for targeting die hard fans, while a personality quiz like “What Type of Football Fan Are You?” could work for a much broader audience.


Quizzes are the perfect place to feature your advertisers. Customize one or more of your quizzes in your bundle to feature their products or services. Inside Columbia Magazine worked with a local kitchen supply store and created a quiz featuring products straight from the store shelves – an excellent way to highlight the advertiser and educate their audience.


Bundling offers big advantages to both advertisers and your media company alike. Need some ideas to develop your next quiz bundle? Take a look at these articles showing how quiz bundles can help you capitalize on New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and even Basketball. Plus, check out our library of turnkey quizzes that are ready to run or customizable to fit your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Get bundling today.

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