6 Sweepstakes Ideas for Magazines

by Liz Huff Second Street

World Watercolor Month | Artist’s Network

This sweepstakes offered $1,200 in watercolor supplies for World Watercolor Month. With a high-value prize and an occasion that fit an artists’ publication perfectly, this magazine hit the mark. There are hundreds of unique holidays – see which holidays and special occasions would resonate with your target audience.

Moving Giveaway | The Pitch

This sweepstakes spotlighted a local moving company in Kansas City, MO by offering a moving giveaway up to $1,000. Looking to identify locals who would soon be in the market for their services, the magazine asked the lead-gen question, “Are you planning on moving in the next 3-6 months?” on the entry form. Combined with the email opt-in, The Pitch was able to hand over a list of highly qualified potential customers to the moving company.

Austin Food + Wine Festival Giveaway | Austin Monthly

There are always going to be local events happening in your community. A simple ticket giveaway to these events is a great way for your publication to take advantage of the passion and excitement surrounding them. Austin Monthly gave away 2 Weekender Passes to the Austin Food + Wine Festival (valued at $500) which brought in more than 1,700 entries.

CTT 250th Issue Sweepstakes | Kalmbach Train Group

Celebrate how far your publication has come. If you’re about to hit a milestone, consider running a sweepstakes to both engage readers and celebrate the amount of time you’ve been serving your community. This publication offered more than $1,200 in prizes from their sponsors and had 3,500+ sweepstakes entries.

Romancing the Oyster | Martha’s Vineyard Gazette

Try a unique spin on a holiday contest. This Valentine’s Day sweepstakes took on the life of Cape Cod, offering a Valentine’s Day filled with appreciation for local history. Whether it is for a specific holiday or you want to offer a staycation experience, highlighting local landmarks through a promotion is always a great idea.

Dinner on Us | Delaware Today

Take advantage of bringing readers back to your site time and time again by offering a contest that gives them a chance to win each week. Partnering with local restaurants to offer gift cards is great in terms of community engagement for you and brand exposure for your sponsors. Plus, if you put an email opt-in on your entry form, you’re growing your database each week.

No matter the occasion or initiative, sweepstakes are simple and effective. See what local events or holidays are coming up soon and have your team build promotions around them.

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