6 Quiz Ideas for Magazines

by Liz Huff Second Street

Bacon and Bourbon Quiz | The Pitch

This quiz was giving away tickets to the annual Bacon & Bourbon Festival hosted by the magazine. It was a unique and clever way to both raise awareness for the event and get people excited for it. The magazine even included links to purchase tickets on the results page and in the thank-you email to participants.

How Well Do You Know Saskatoon Patios? | Planet S Magazine

This quiz highlighted six local patios in the area and offered a $500 prize to spend at the featured restaurants. A quiz like this highlights your city’s food and drink scene and is a creative way for sponsors to work with your magazine and promote their business.

What’s Your Home Decor Personality? | St. Louis Magazine

This home decor quiz was taken more than 700 times and sponsored by a local furniture store. The prize was a $1,000 gift card to the store for the winner. Simple questions, such as, “Which bedroom set do you prefer?” make for an easy and fun quiz that also drove leads for the sponsor with relevant survey questions and an email opt-in.

How Well Do You Know Pittsburgh’s Food History? | Pittsburgh Magazine

Quiz your readers on the history of your city: food, culture, or sports. Pittsburgh Magazine did all three. Not only is this a great way to repurpose hot topics from your archives, but it’s also perfect for identifying people interested in your magazine. Be sure to include an email opt-in on the registration form to help grow your database of interested readers.

101 Things Every St. Louisan Must Do | St. Louis Magazine

This fun quiz highlighted 101 must-see locations in St. Louis. From landmarks and seasonal favorites to restaurants and sports arenas, this quiz had something for everyone. With outcomes such as “Out-of-Tower,” “Budding St. Louisan,” “Local,” and “True St. Louisan,” this quiz inspired people to do and see more of their city.

Taco Week Quiz | The Pitch

This fun quiz was all about driving excitement for Taco Week – a local festival featuring all the best tacos in Kansas City. The magazine partnered with a local podcast named Taco the Town who co-sponsored the quiz. Both the magazine and the podcast were able to grow their email database with an opt-in on the registration form. Quizzes can be fun, creative, and grow the personality of your brand.

Whether a quiz is used for education about an event or used to meet an advertiser goal, quizzes are a fun way to engage readers. Take one of these ideas back to your team and see how you can apply it to your market and your upcoming initiatives.

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