3 Ideas to Increase Your November Revenue

by Liz Huff Second Street

Advertisers to Target for November

This is a great time to target some traditional and seasonal advertisers. Here are three advertising categories to reach out to as you start planning your November campaigns.

GroceryRetail StoresFinancial Services
General Grocery StoresDepartment StoresBanks (National, Regional, and Local)
Specialty Food Stores (Meat Markets, Delis, Bakeries, etc.)Jewelry StoresCredit Unions
Farmer's MarketsSpecialty StoresInsurance Agencies
Consumer ElectronicsInvestment Advisors and Brokers
Home Improvement and AppliancesWealth Management
Furniture StoresFinancial Planners
Clothing Stores

Top Ideas for November


With a valuable prize like grocery gift cards and shopping sprees, these contests drive huge engagement numbers and collect lots of email addresses.

WXMI-TV earned $10,000 in revenue from their grocery giveaway contest. Not only did the daily winners get $150, they could nominate a local family or food bank to receive an additional $150. Sponsored by a grocery store and a bank, they uncovered over 5,000 leads for the sponsor.


This Thanksgiving Giveaway by WLEX-TV was sponsored by a local HVAC company. Through survey questions, the station was able to uncover over 830 hot leads for the advertiser.


Submission Contests

From recipe submissions to favorite Thanksgiving photos, submission contests can attract lots of entries and tons of pageviews.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a holiday cookie recipe contest sponsored by Schnucks, a local grocery store chain. Not only did winners receive gift cards to the store, but the winning recipes were featured in a special section of the paper.


Right before the biggest cooking holiday of the year, KPAX-TV ran their Ugliest Kitchen photo contest. Sponsored by kitchen appliance and cabinetry stores, the contest received over 33,000 votes and tons of branding for the advertisers.



Thanksgiving-themed quizzes are a great way to target a wide audience and receive lots of shares on social media.

KATI-FM worked with a salon and day spa and created this quiz “What Type of Thanksgiving Leftover Food Are You?” With carefully crafted survey questions, the station was able to deliver 144 hot leads to the advertiser right before the gift-giving season.


Sponsored by a local grocery store chain, this Thanksgiving quiz by the Washington Missourian entered all users into a sweepstakes to win a gift card to the store.


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