5 Football Quiz Ideas For Fall

by Liz Huff Second Street

“Which Aggie Football Player Are You?”

The Eagle went above and beyond in their layout and creativity of this quiz. Not only did they incorporate images as the background of their quiz, but they also utilized images for each answer choice. On the results page, they used this as an opportunity to cross-promote other articles within The Eagle’s website to drive site engagement.



“How Well Do You Know The Indianapolis Colts?”

The Indianapolis Star created the quiz “How Well Do You Know the Indianapolis Colts?” This style of trivia quiz is sure to get your diehard fans anxious to prove their knowledge about your local team. These types of quizzes are highly sharable since your fans will want to brag about their results.



“Which Packers Legend Are You?”

This fun personality quiz, run by Madison.com, does a great job connecting fans with their favorite Packers team legends. The outcomes are dynamic with an image and text describing it.



“Gameday Griz Quiz!”

I just love quizzes that offer a great prize! The “Gameday Griz Quiz!” from KPAX-TV was sponsored by The Broadway Sports Bar, Grill, & Casino in Missoula, Montana and offered a chance to win $25 in Broadway Bar Bucks to anyone who completed the quiz and provided their info.



“Are You A True 12?”

This trivia quiz “Are You a True 12?” run by the Everett Daily Herald tested fans to see if they could hold their own in a game of trivia. The quiz not only connected with a very niche audience, but it also gave users the ability to print out the results page to redeem for a free commemorative Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII poster.



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