2 Quiz Models to Increase Your Revenue

by Liz Huff Second Street

Sponsored Quizzes

Sponsored quizzes are a great way to engage advertisers all year around popular topics like holidays, sporting events, wedding season, and other timely categories.

These quizzes often target a broad audience, because these topics have mass appeal. Think about a “Holiday Movie Quotes Trivia” quiz or a “Who Is Your TV Mom?” personality quiz. They are fun for a broad audience, and can make sense for either specific advertisers (like a movie theater for the movie quotes quiz), or a wide variety of advertisers (like the TV mom quiz).


In the example above from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kroger, a grocery store chain, sponsored a Mother’s Day quiz. This was a great promotion for them to be aligned with since hey were included in lots of great promotion around the quiz and sponsored a quiz with mass appeal and got great exposure.

Advertiser Quizzes

Advertiser quizzes are fantastic because you can customize every aspect of the promotion for an advertiser to help them achieve their business goals, such as generating new leads and learning more about their customers.

For example, you could sell a “What Kind of Car Should You Drive?” quiz to a local car dealership and have customized outcomes featuring the particular makes and models available at that dealership. Advertiser quizzes are a great solution for an event, a new product launch, or just to educate as well as learn about the audience.


KTUU-TV took a smart approach to advertiser quizzes with a comic book store in their market. Bosco’s had never spent anything with KTUU-TV, or seen the value in media advertising, until a sales rep at the station presented them with a totally unique solution – a “How Well Do You Know Captain Kirk?” quiz that would run right before Captain Kirk’s birthday.


Bosco’s loved the idea. In fact, they loved the idea so much that they signed up for a second custom quiz – a “Test Your Star Wars Knowledge” trivia quiz to capitalize on the buzz around the upcoming Star Wars movie.


Quizzes are a great way for your media company to generate revenue, whether it be incremental revenue from a current advertiser or new revenue from an advertiser you haven’t been able to work with in the past.

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