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Mortgage Sweepstakes Delivers $6MM in Sales for Realtor

by Rebecca Capparelli GateHouse Media

Sweeps Saves Existing Sponsorship & Spurs New Annual Campaign

by Andrew Burney Federated Media

Multi-Sponsor ‘Shop Local’ Holiday Sweeps Earns $74K

by Sherry Hayes WLEX-TV

Travel Contest Drives Database & Reader Interest Data

by Missy Glassmaker Gateway Blend, LLC

Sweepstakes Grows Targeted Database for Parenting Magazine + Sponsor

by Tessa Judge Indy's Child

Monthly Travel Sweeps Leads to $400K in 4 Years

by Tina Murley Beasley Media Group

Teacher Contest Drives Recurring Revenue + 63% Opt-In

by Zach Teichert News-Press and Gazette

Sweeps Drives Leads and Opt-Ins for Local Daycare

by Carrie Mayer St. Louis Magazine

Holiday Sweeps Brings in $24K & Hundreds of Leads

by Megan Black Second Street

$50K Revenue & 1,400+ Opt-ins from Home Fix Up Sweeps

by Liz Huff Second Street

Football Sweeps Drives 50+ Leads for Nissan Dealers

by Alyxandra Sherwood Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sweeps Drives Opt-Ins and Foot Traffic for YMCA

by Megan Black Second Street

Father’s Day Sweeps Delivers Hot Leads for Sponsor

by Julie Foley Second Street

Sweeps Leads to $1.25MM Revenue for Advertiser

by Liz Huff Second Street

Ticket Giveaway Lands 100+ Leads for Real Estate Company

by Megan Black Second Street

5 Leases Secured from Apartment’s Free Rent Sweepstakes

by Tucker Young Bryan Broadcasting Corporation

Trivia Quiz Raises Awareness for Mexican Restaurant Grand Re-Opening

by Kent Oglesby KY3-TV

Holiday Sweeps Features 12 Sponsors + Drives Over $10K

by Scott Sussman KDRV-TV

Grocery Giveaway Collects 4,500 Opt-Ins for Perkins Motor Plex

by Sara Droke WPSD-TV

Basketball Bracket Campaign Brings in $15K for WPSD-TV

by Karie Thornton Bristol Broadcasting

Baseball Campaign Scores a $200K Homerun for Paper

by Kate Bare The News Tribune

Holiday Sweepstakes Generates $6K for North Platte Telegraph

by Lesli Torres North Platte Telegraph

KFMB Drives $58,000 with College Basketball Contest Campaign

by Mitch Gruber Midwest Television

Sweepstakes Drives $75K for Paper + 35K Emails for Advertiser

by Jamie Kinnaird BH Media Group

Facebook Contest Leads Hotel to Spend New Money with KY3-TV

by Kent Oglesby KY3-TV

Facebook Sweepstakes Collects 40 Leads for Lawn Care Company

by Michele Mitchell Neuhoff Media

Local Bakery Collects Valuable Data With Over 2,200 Survey Responses

by Megan Black Second Street

Home Improvement Sweeps Generates $20K for Kansas City Star

by Liz Huff Second Street

WPSD-TV Leveraged A Quiz To Provide Advertiser With Sales Leads

by Karie Thornton Bristol Broadcasting

The Northwest Herald Shifts Pitch to Focus to Generating Leads, Advertisers Respond

by Julie Foley Second Street

“Who’s Your TV Mom?” Quiz Generates $25K in Revenue for Paper

by Jay Schultz Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Quiz Helps Secure Event Sponsorship, Collects Qualified Leads for Auto Dealer

by Bruce Dennis Greeley Tribune

Sweeps for New Coffee Bar Receives 700+ Entries

by Paulina Porter-Tapia San Diego CityBeat

Grocery Sweeps Generates 5K Leads for Advertiser, $10K in Revenue

by Julie Ardelan WXMI-TV

Hearing Aid Sweeps Delivers 164 Qualified Leads to Audiology Center

by Liz Huff Second Street

Sweeps Earns 15-Fold ROI for Yoga Festival

by David Wittlinger Steamboat Digital

Sweeps Delivers 221 Leads, Huge ROI for Dentistry

by Karie Thornton Bristol Broadcasting

Travel Agency Books $30K from Magical Vacation Sweeps

by Andrea McFarland Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group

Prom Contest Brings $3,000 to Small-Market Paper

by John Layton The Westerly Sun

Facebook Advertiser Sweepstakes Generates $13K for Station

by Megan Black Second Street

Man Cave Giveaway Brings In $100K for FOX 50

by Julie Foley Second Street

Billings Gazette brings in $70,000 with Car Giveaway

by Ryan Brosseau Billings Gazette

Holiday Wishes Sweepstakes Generates $9K in Revenue

by Julie Foley Second Street