A Year of Ballot Ideas to Drive Results for Advertisers

by Julie Foley Second Street

Q1 (January, February, March)

  • Advertiser: Fitness
    Example: Best Class at the YMCA
  • Advertiser: Sports Bar
    Example: Buffalo Wild Wings’ Battle of the Brews
  • Advertiser: Jewelry
    Example: Best Zale’s Engagement Ring

wmee jewelry ballot

Q2 (April, May, June)

  • Advertiser: Concert Venue
    Example: Best Summer Concert at Russick Amphitheater
  • Advertiser: Spa/Salon
    Example: Mom’s Favorites at Spa Delight & Salon
  • Advertiser: Travel Agency
    Example: Ultimate AAA Vacation Destination

vacation ballot aaa

Q3 (July, August, September)

  • Advertiser: Restaurant
    Example: The Supreme Chicken Wing Ballot from Friday’s
  • Advertiser: Electronics Retail
    Example: Sprint’s Must-Have Back-to-School Gadgets
  • Advertiser: Automotive
    Example: Best Chevy Car or SUV

Chevy Advertiser Ballot

Q4 (October, November, December)

  • Advertiser: Grocery
    Example: Must-Have Kroger Holiday Dish
  • Advertiser: Local Attraction
    Example: Best Holiday Experience at Silver Dollar City
  • Advertiser: Retail
    Example: Best Store at the Northridge Mall

Saga Mall Ballot

Creating advertiser ballots can be a unique new alternative to pitch to the local businesses in your market. Remember to highlight all the ways a ballot can show off their products and services, and be sure to include the additional value of survey questions and an email opt-in on registration forms.

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