5 Ideas to Capitalize on the Winter Games

by Liz Huff Second Street


Quizzes are a fun way to engage your entire audience. For the sports junkies, consider a trivia quiz about the history of the Games or testing them on popular athletes. For your more casual viewers, a personality quiz such as “Which Winter Games Sport Should You Compete In?” can connect them with the Games even if they don’t know who’s competing.

winter games quiz

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There’s nothing your audience loves more than getting to voice their opinion and have it heard. Consider a ballot about the best parts of the Games or connect to your community. With categories such as “Best Gym to Train for the Olympics” or “Best Bar to Watch the Games,” you’ll be able to tie in many of your local businesses – this means tons of sponsorship opportunities.

winter games ballot


If you’re looking for a quick way to connect with your audience, consider a variety of polls running throughout the Winter Games. With questions such as “Which Country Will Win the Figure Skating Competition?” or “Which Athlete Will Win the Most Gold Medals this Year?” Have your talent talk about the questions and their answers to drum up more excitement.

winter games poll

Photo Contests

A great way to excite your audience about the upcoming Winter Games is to run a photo contest. When it was time for the Summer Games in 2016, KSDK-TV in St. Louis, MO ran a photo contest asking for pictures of Future Olympians. Not only did this drive in hundreds of entries from local families, but viewers returned to the KSDK website over and over to see the pictures and vote for their favorites.

KSDK Future Olympians photo contest


If you’re wanting a contest that drives in tons of entries, a sweepstakes is your best friend. People love the chance to win something, and while a trip to the Winter Games would be excellent, that’s not your only prize opportunity. Items for a Winter Games viewing party (catered food, new tvs, or furniture) or athletic-based prizes (gym memberships, athletic gear, or training programs) can be very enticing to your audience as well.

winter games sweepstakes

With all the excitement surrounding the Winter Games, make sure you’re ready to harness that energy for your media company.

Whether you turn these campaigns into major revenue drivers from sponsorships or use them to dramatically boost your email database, don’t miss out on the huge mass mass appeal of this event that only comes once every two years.

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