What Is a Facebook Contest, Anyway?

by Julie Foley Second Street

While it’s possible to administer a promotion on Facebook using only Facebook functionality (“comment to win,” Like to win,” and so on), there are many reasons that using a third-party app for Facebook contesting is a good idea. But what does a contest run through a third-party app actually look like? Let’s take a look.

First, you access the contest app through a link in a post or a tab at the top of your Facebook page, as ABC15 chose to do:


When an interested person clicks the Facebook tab to enter the contest, they will see the entry form. Since the entry form is run through a third-party app and not directly through Facebook, the data is yours to keep.

This is where an app gets really cool. You can leverage the power of referral features – you can see below that folks are encouraged to share it with their friends to get more entires, propelling your contest to go viral and tapping into a whole new universe of potential fans.


Now that you have a sense of what a contest run through a third-party app actually looks like, check out why a third-party app gives you such an advantage when you run Facebook contests.

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