Daily Herald Event Deal Brings in Over $95K

by Julie Foley Second Street

Case Study Highlights

  • Generated $95,625
  • Sold 3,678 tickets
  • Nearly doubled revenue and ticket sales from previous year

The Idea

The Daily Herald, a part of Lee Enterprises, is a 30,900 circulation daily paper in Provo, Utah. The paper has partnered with the Freedom Festival, which hosts one of the largest 4th of July celebrations in the United States, Stadium of Fire, for years.

Each year there is a huge concert with big national acts as part of the Stadium of Fire celebration. The concert takes place at the local college (Brigham Young University) stadium, which seats about 40,000 people. Over the years, tickets to the show have become expensive enough that it can be difficult for entire families to attend.

A few years ago, Michele Bates, the Marketing Director at The Daily Herald, approached the Freedom Festival about featuring a deal through the paper’s program since she knew that they were having trouble filling all 40,000 seats. As a sponsor, she was able to write the ticket sales aspect into their partnership agreement making it exclusive. This allowed the festival to not be a part of the sales process and therefore avoided any controversy about the devaluation of tickets.

The Execution

Event Deal Brings in Over $95K

The Stadium of Fire deal, makes the $52 ($50.00 seat plus $2.00 ticket fee) event ticket available for only $26 and runs for 10 days before the event. The Freedom Festival reserves specific sections for deal buyers, who do not get a choice of where they will be sitting. However, to ensure that families and groups are seated together, the Ticket office (hence the $2.00 fee) packages the tickets in the same configuration they are sold in (2 together, 4 together, 12 together, etc).

As per their agreement with the Freedom Festival, The Daily Herald does not begin to promote the Stadium of Fire deal until just a few days before the deal goes live. The paper also does not let the community know whether they will be selling any tickets until then either.

In addition to print ads in the paper, banner ads on their website, and posts to their Facebook Page and Twitter account, The Daily Herald promotes the deal with an email campaign. They start by sending a teaser email out to deal buyers who have purchased tickets in years past letting them know then the new tickets will go on sale. They then send out a deal email featuring the Stadium of Fire deal to a database of over 31,000 email addresses. If sales aren’t going as well as the paper wants, they send additional emails to several other large internal databases.

Finally, The Daily Herald includes click-through promos in the news emails that are sent to a database of around 9,000 people twice daily and sends out a text message reminder to their SMS database of around 3,000. (Learn more about how you can promote your deals)

The Results

The Stadium of Fire deal – a $26 for $52 offer – generated $95,625 in revenue and sold 3,678 tickets. This nearly doubled the revenue from the previous year, when the deal sold 1,888 tickets and generated $49,088.

“The wonderful thing about this offer is that it has once again allowed whole families to attend this event. I started getting phone calls in mid-April from people that live out-of-state and wanted to start planning their vacation around this.”

Michele BatesMarketing Director at The Daily Herald