Children’s Museum Deal Brings in $48,000 for Paper

by Claire Linney The Post and Courier

Case Study Highlights

  • Deal brought in more than $48,000 in revenue
  • Glowing testimonial from the deals merchant
  • Deal repeated every year

The Idea

The Post and Courier is a 96,000 circulation newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina. The paper launched the Charleston Deals Today site in 2013, and our approach is to promote locally-based deals from a variety of categories, including restaurants, events, recreation, and health & beauty.

One of the deals we feature on the site – which has turned out to be a huge revenue-driver for our program – is a promotion for the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry.

The Execution

The $40 for $80 Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry deal was for a half-off family membership for one year. The deal is featured once a year only through The Post and Courier, and we advertise it as a Holiday Gift idea. There are no limits on how many offers we can sell.


The offer was designed to appeal to families with younger children, which is a perfect fit as we have a strong presence of mothers and fathers in our reach through our Charleston Deals Today program at The Post and Courier.

I met with the Children’s Museum in June 2013, to discuss a summer deal that would be part of a back-to-school promotion. During the conversation, I emphasized the partnership aspect of the deal and highlighted the multimedia advertising they would receive through the partnership. Their main goal was to sell as many memberships as possible, so we highlighted the advertising we could implement to offer maximum visibility in Charleston market. Throughout the conversation, I would not open any discussion about a change in the revenue split, and we were strict about the value of the advertising we provided through the deal.

Once an agreement was reached, we promoted the deal heavily through all of the channels available to us, including print, online, event marketing, email, and social media. Here’s a breakdown of the promotional schedule:

  • 3 email messages to the Charleston Deals Today database
  • 3 days in print advertising position
  • Promoted on every social media outlet of The Post and Courier, to more than 100,000 followers
  • 1 email message to The Post and Courier’s email database
  • homepage takeover
  • homepage fixed position for one day
  • ½-page print advertisement

The Results

The deal brought in $48,776 in revenue, and we received the following testimonial from the Children’s Museum:

“The Children’s Museum had a phenomenal experience with advertising through The Post and Courier – that’s why we keep coming back! We use Charleston Deals Today to offer our memberships at half price to Post and Courier readers. Not only do we watch our membership numbers grow with each day of our deal (our most recent deal sold 1,1214 memberships!), but we also benefit from the advertising, both print and digital, that The Post and Courier provides during our deal week. The Post and Courier reaches the majority of the Lowcountry residents and especially targets our young family audience! We highly recommend advertising with The Post and Courier based on our proven success.”

This story is perfect to share with other local business, highlighting the appealing demographic our email database reaches, the promotional advertising we can include, and the reach The Post and Courier has in the local market.

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