Pokemon Go: 3 Ways You Can Capitalize on this Hot New Game

by Julie Foley Second Street

Hashtag Photo Sweepstakes

People love the ability to take screenshots of the Pokemon in their community and share the photos all across social media. Since the entire game takes place on mobile, this is a fantastic opportunity to run an Instagram hashtag photo sweepstakes.

A contest that asks users to upload pictures of Pokemon within your community would be fun way to connect with this audience. Plus, since the game is entirely on mobile, sharing the photos is super easy. Just be sure to pick a unique hashtag for your contest – something generic can draw in irrelevant entries.



A Pokemon-themed sweepstakes is a great way to reach a large audience and collect a ton of data. But choose your prizes wisely. If you’re hoping to target users of the game, choose prizes like iTunes or Google Play gift cards that can be used to make in-app purchases.

And if you’re offering a valuable prize, don’t be afraid to ask for some valuable information. Adding a clear and enticing email opt-in to your form will guarantee a wealth of addresses to add to your database.


Creating a quiz about this popular game is sure to be a hit with your audience. You could create these about aspects of the game itself or tie it to local landmarks that are relevant to players.

Need some ideas?

  • Name This Local Pokestop Based on One Picture
  • Which Pokemon Character Are You?
  • Pokemon Trivia: Through the Years
  • What’s Your Pokemon IQ?
  • Name the Pokemon Based on its Shadow
  • How Would You Do in a Pokemon Battle?

If you’re looking to drive even more participation on your quizzes, consider combining a sweepstakes within your quiz. With the chance of winning a valuable prize, you’ll easily be able to increase participation.


But like any hot new trend, time is of the essence! Get your team together and make sure you’re prepared to jump on this right away.

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