How to Package & Price Auto Racing Promotions

by Julie Foley Second Street

Assembling an Auto Racing Sponsorship Package

You’re running auto racing promotions because they complement what you already do, be it a auto racing-themed print section or a weekly round-up broadcast. Leverage the power of these existing initiatives to promote your auto racing promotions by placing ads in your traditional media.

While some of your revenue comes from traditional media with these types of promotion, remember to take full advantage of your digital assets, like those listed here:

  • Online run-of-site ads
  • Homepage flippers or rotating billboards
  • Dropdown & peelaway ads
  • Expanding pencils
  • Video pre-roll ads
  • Posts to social media channels like Facebook & Twitter

While all digital assets drive digital conversions, perhaps the most valuable asset in your arsenal is email. Weekly emails reminding people to make their picks are an opportunity to drive traffic to a sponsor’s location by including a coupon or highlighting specials at their location. Since the auto racing season is 37 weeks long, that’s a lot of additional exposure for your sponsors.

In addition to the traditional and digital assets discussed above, you can also promote your auto racing promotions by getting your talent involved. Sportswriters, announcers, DJs, or sportscasters can give your promotions star quality if you make them VIP pickers. You can charge for their involvement by having them promote your promotions through mentions in their articles or broadcasts

Pricing an Auto Racing Sponsorship Package

Once you have identified all of the elements that you will be including in your sponsorship package, it’s time to put a price on it. The best way to figure out what to charge for the package as a whole is to price each element individually and then add it all up to determine the overall value.

Need some inspiration? The following is a sample package for an auto racing contest being run by a mid-size market TV station:


Once you have prepared your sponsorship packages and identified a list of advertisers to target, you need to walk in and start selling.

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