How KY3-TV Implemented Sales Training for Their Team & How You Can Too

by Liz Crider Huff Second Street

Case Study: KY3-TV Sales Training Initiative

To ensure full participation from all the sales reps, the KY3 team started a new course together in their regular weekly Monday sales meeting.

The KY3 team completed the courses over three Monday sales meetings. Each week, a new course was introduced. The group would complete several lessons together, pausing when there were questions and working together to pick the answers for the quizzes at the end of each section.

The team would complete about a quarter of each course together, and then the reps were required to finish the course on their own before the next meeting and to bring in their certificates to show they were done.

After all 3 of the training courses had been completed by the team, they celebrated with a graduation ceremony, complete with caps, gowns, and “Pomp & Circumstance” playing in the background. Here’s Kent Oglesby, the station’s New Media Development Manager, receiving his “diploma”:


Here are a few reactions from the team about the training process:

  • “I liked the part about doing a good CNA [client needs analysis] and then going over that again with the advertiser to show them how the contest met their specific goals.”
  • “It’s been helpful just to be reminded of things that can make contests more effective. Things such as survey questions, coupons on thank you emails and submission complete screens are good ways to get more out of the contest for the advertiser and make what we do even more effective.”
  • “Utilizing a planning calendar will help our department become more organized and proactive around our promotional strategy.”
  • “With the relaunch of our deal site just around the corner, it was perfect timing to go through this refresher training. I plan to use the ROI calculator more diligently going forward.”

Plus, the KY3 team has already seen their training pay off. They find that they are pitching more new contest ideas and specific types of contests, and since completing the trainings they have closed a Cutest Baby photo contest and are working on a Pet Selfie photo contest. Plus, their more diligent use of an ROI Calculator for deals has helped them land several deals they may not have otherwise, including a Lake of the Ozarks regional travel deal and a restaurant that was concerned about food costs.

They have also started putting more value on all the promotions they sell, and have updated their sales collateral to reflect this.

So how are you going to implement sales training with your team?