How Does Your Quiz Tool Compare?

by Liz Crider Huff Second Street

Can you collect first-party data?

Quizzes can be an excellent source of data – make sure you can harness that information. Each question can be tagged to add more details about your audience to your consumer profile data. In the example below, a question like “How many passengers will you normally have?” may tag someone as being a parent. Be sure you’re not losing out on collecting valuable first-party data.


Can you add-on additional revenue opportunities?

If your quiz tool is running advertisements (that aren’t yours) within your quiz, you could be giving away revenue opportunities. These are spots you could be including as additional aspects of your quiz sponsorship package.


Can you include an email opt-in?

Email is the #1 driver of digital conversions. Without an opt-in, you’re missing out on collecting email addresses for future marketing campaigns. Plus, an email opt-in for your advertiser is a valuable tool to leverage in your quiz sponsorship package.


Can you include survey questions?

From buying intent to lead gen, survey questions can reveal valuable information about your users. If you can’t include survey questions, you may not be producing the most actionable results for your advertiser.


Can you customize your outcome pages?

The outcome page is your last chance to connect with the quiz taker. Without the option to include an offer, coupon, or call-to-action for your advertiser on this final page of your quiz, you may be missing out on driving foot traffic for your sponsor.


Can you add images within the quiz?

Are the quizzes uniform and uninteresting? A great tool lets you change out the header, the logos, and even customize the images of the quiz questions, answers, and outcomes. The ability to adjust images, logos, links, and color scheme can really make your quiz pop!


Can you customize the questions, answers, and outcomes?

Struggling to deliver actionable results to your advertiser? Create an entirely customized quiz that features their products or services as the questions, answers, and outcomes. A customized quiz is proven to earn hot leads and drive measurable results for your advertiser.


Can they provide ready-to-go quizzes?

Limited resources for researching and creating quizzes from scratch? Our software has hundreds of pre-made turnkey quizzes for you to use. Turnkey quizzes can be run as is, edited and tweaked to fit your needs, or completely customized to create an entirely new, unique quiz. There’s nothing easier than that!


So, you’ve made it through all eight – how does your quiz tool compare?

Is your software producing all the results it should be? Utilizing tools designed for generating revenue, building your database, and growing your engagement will set your media company up for long-term success.

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