Why a Golf Card Works in Every Market

by Liz Crider Huff Second Street

Structuring a Multi-Course Golf Card


Golf cards should include 8-10 rounds of golf at a variety of quality golf courses in your market. Golf is a unique deal category in that people are willing to drive in order to play, so the courses on the card can be up to an hour’s drive away from your market.

The goal is to have the value of the card as close to $300 as possible, so you can turn around and sell it for $100.

You want to keep the offers on the card simple with limited restrictions. A good example would be a round of golf at each course, valid Monday-Friday and weekends and holidays after 12 noon, and cart rental not included (this is so that the courses have a built-in opportunity to upsell the card buyers once they arrive).

Selling a Multi-Course Golf Card

Since the revenue potential of a multi-course card is so huge, you want to treat it like a promotion in and of itself. While an ideal time to launch the card is mid-November – leading up to the holiday season – golf cards can work year-round! No matter when you launch, you should run your golf card until it sells out. Promote it heavily – via all of the promotional channels available to you – from launch through April.

When you are selling a multi-course golf card, make it all about the courses, and emphasize how much value they will be getting. Be sure to assign a dollar amount to all of the promotion you will be doing around the card so the courses can see how valuable it is for each of them.

Selling Title Sponsorships

Generate even more revenue from your multi-course golf card by selling a title sponsorship. This sponsor’s logo will be on the card – as you can see with Barcelona’s Restaurant on the card pictured above – and they’ll be mentioned in all the promotion you do around the card.

As you are prospecting for potential title sponsors, keep in mind who the audience for the card is – it’s a unique demographic and a lot of advertisers want to be in front of them. While any advertiser interested in reaching an audience that skews male and upscale could work as a title sponsor, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Golf Superstores
  • Local Resorts
  • Car Dealerships

If it makes sense for the sponsor, suggest that they offer a 10% discount to anyone who shows their golf card in an effort to drive even more foot traffic to their location.

When determining the price of the title sponsorship, consider the promotional value and the branding value of being on the card, and the value from being aligned with your station and golf programming.

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