3 Common Objections to Facebook Advertiser Contests & How to Overcome Them

by Liz Huff Second Street

“I can’t reach all my fans at once on Facebook, so what’s the point?”

First and foremost – no one has ever been able to reach all of their fans at once on Facebook.

You have to earn reach, which you can do by creating engagement. If you want as many people to see your posts as possible, focus on creating useful and engaging content.

Running promotions are a great way to earn reach because you can increase your engagement with fans. Contests provide a strong call to action that will not only help you acquire new fans, but also engage your existing fans, making it more likely that your content will continue to appear in their News Feeds going forward.

(Check out this article for a more in-depth explanation of how reach works and why worries about reach shouldn’t prevent you from selling Facebook contests.)

At the end of the day, your advertiser should instead be focusing on how they can use targeted Facebook contests to convert fans into channels they own – like their email database and their website.

Which brings us to another common objection:

“What’s the ROI? How can I measure if this is successful for my business?”

You can counter this by explaining to the advertiser that they can leverage the power of Facebook to convert fans into a database you own and can monetize.

There are many data points you can share with your advertiser to demonstrate ROI, such as:

  • Hot leads gathered from survey questions
  • New email addresses for their database
  • New Facebook Likes
  • Impressions and clicks on web ads

For best results, make sure to set goals with your advertiser before the promotion launches. Then you can design the promotion to meet those specific objectives – for example, a local bank wanted to increase gift card sales and launch a gift card program before the holidays, so Entercom New Orleans created a promotion and used supporting advertising that would drive awareness of the program and the fact that gift cards were available for sale at the bank. As a result, the bank sold $100,000 in gift cards! (See the full case study.)

Another common advertiser objection is:

“Why should I work with you? I can run my own Facebook contest.”

If the advertiser’s goal is to grow their email database, generate qualified leads, or increase their Likes, their contest needs to be properly promoted. As a media company, you have something that sets apart: your audience and your promotional assets. The results when a media company runs a contest on behalf of an advertiser simply can’t be duplicated.

Sure, the advertiser can run a “comment to win” contest on their wall pretty easily. It’s a great way to engage with existing fans. But what will that do to reach their long-term goals?

The only way to leverage Facebook to convert fans to a database that the advertiser owns and can monetize is by running a contest through a third-party app. You have the software and the skill to run these kinds of contests for your advertisers – and access to an audience to really make it a success.

Some of the benefits of running a contest through a third-party app include:

  • Growing an opt-in email list
  • Driving foot traffic by embedding Thank You offers
  • Generating qualified leads and learning more about fans with simple survey questions
  • Spreading your Page virally and increasing engagement with new and current fans through referral features

No matter what objections you receive, one of the best ways to counter is by illustrating the powerful results that Facebook contests can have for advertisers. Collect case studies and testimonials – use them in conversations with advertisers early and often.