What the Ban on Like-Gating Means for Facebook Contests

by Liz Huff Second Street

Basically, Facebook is trying to prevent people from being incentivized to Like a Page.

The good news is that when the change in policy goes into effect, you will still be able to encourage your consumers to Like your Page by adding buttons to your entry form. You just can’t make it a requirement. For example, the contest pictured below still includes a Like box on the registration page, but it is not required to click “Like” in order to enter.


As is the case with any social network, it’s tricky to build your home on rented land. At the end of the day, Facebook contests are still an incredibly valuable tool for converting fans into something you own and can monetize.

I spoke about how one contest that drove results for an advertiser on Facebook without a Like-Gate during the How Radio Can Drive Revenue & Qualified Leads with Promotions webinar. Watch the video below to see how they did it:


In review, there are actually plenty of good things about the change in Facebook policy:

  1. Your email database is even more valuable. Your email database is far more valuable than your Facebook Likes because you own this data. Our most successful partners add email opt-ins for themselves and their advertisers to every contest they run, regardless of whether or not it’s on Facebook. When they sell a contest, they don’t just sell a promise of new Likes. Instead, they sell survey questions and bounceback offers that will drive hot leads and foot traffic.
  2. You can still ask for Likes. Encourage your consumers to Like your and your advertiser’s Pages on Facebook. You just can’t require it as a means of entry into the contest.
  3. New Likes will mean more. Since you cannot require people to Like Pages anymore, the ones that do will be more valuable in the long run. If they are taking the time to voluntarily Like you, it is that much more likely that they will want to receive your content in their News Feed moving forward.

What do you think about these changes? Let me know in the comments below!