Digital & Promotions Resolutions for 2015

by Matt Coen Second Street

I will drive measurable results for my advertisers.

Advertisers need leads. They need foot traffic. They need to grow their email databases and social followings. They need to collect data about their customers. Advertisers need measurable results. Media companies need to be able to provide – and take credit – for them. I will deliver these results with promotions. How?

  • I will have a needs analysis conversation with all of my advertisers.
  • I will sell promotions specifically designed to meet an advertiser’s needs.
  • I will follow up with all of my advertisers after the promotion finishes.
  • I will use that meeting to pitch additional promotions to the advertiser.

I will invest in promotions training.

In the world of digital advertising, training is a key strategic asset. According to data from Borrell Associates, 42% of local media sales managers rate their reps’ ability to sell digital products as poor, and 92% believe more digital sales and strategy training is needed. I will make this investment in my team. How?

  • I will make promotions training a team goal at my organization.
  • I will make training a team effort for for my sales reps, managers, and promotions administrators, and I will integrate it into our sales meetings.

I will make my database a priority.

The size, depth, and quality of my database is critical to my current and – even more so – my future success. A quality database makes it possible to better serve my advertisers by offering them the ability to access the right people at the right time to accomplish their objectives.

  • I will set a measurable and timebound goal for database growth.
  • I will set monthly or quarterly check-ins as I work to achieve this goal.
  • I will ask for an opt-in at every point of contact.
  • I will think about my database as more than just a list of email addresses and take steps to learn more about the people in the database.
  • I will use the data I collect to segment my database and help my advertisers more effectively target their messaging.
  • I will provide value by only sending email messages people will want to open.
  • I will teach these principles to my advertisers.

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