Why Promotions Are Critical Right Now

by Matt Coen Second Street

Key Takeaways

Why Are Promotions So Critical Right Now?

While advertisers were confident heading into 2020, this change in the economy has left them scared and scrambling to drive leads and business right now. Promotions are the answer to this. Advertisers aren’t just looking to run another ad, they want something producing measurable results and an ROI they can see immediately.

Listen to Gordon Borrell explain how promotions have worked before and will undoubtedly work again.

Understand the Meaning of Measurable Results

While many advertisers are shuttering their doors to spending money, promotions is a conversation worth having. Promotions deliver concrete, tangible results. From new leads, more sales, and increased foot traffic to email database growth and boosted social media coverage, promotions produce the solutions your advertisers need right now.

Measurable Results are More Important than Ever

Focus on the Right Advertisers

With the economy shifting, there are definitely some advertisers you should be prioritizing at this time. The stock market in turmoil and a tax date extension means financial businesses are looking for new clients right now. No matter what’s happening with the economy, people are still investing in their homes. And with many schools closed right now, tutoring facilities and other educational services will be looking for new students this fall.

Start the Promotion Conversation with Advertisers

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