Prize Ideas for All Your Auto Racing Campaigns

by Julie Foley Second Street

Prize Ideas for Your Season-Long Contest

Season-long auto racing contests should have both weekly and overall prizes. They can be similar, but the overall prize should be more valuable. Weekly prizes encourage players to keep returning week-after-week, even if they’re no longer in the running for the overall prize.

You can work with your sponsor to see if they’ll provide these prizes. They’ll provide them extra exposure and brand awareness all-season long. Depending on your sponsor, try to pick prizes that can feature their products or services, like a local restaurant providing weekly $25 gift cards to their business. The key is to make the prizes valuable and enticing to your players.

Station WKLT-FM had their sponsor, a local oil change and auto service provider, put up the weekly prizes – a $50 gas card. The station provided the end-of-season prize of $500 cash to the winner with most point.

Weekly and All-Season Prizes

Prize Ideas for Photo Contests

There are tons of diehard auto racing fans, so fan photo contests can be incredibly successful. But with a slightly higher barrier of entry, you need a prize that will make people go that extra mile. In order to encourage maximum entries, it’s a good idea to offer a few runner-up prizes in addition to a first place grand prize.

The 1st place prize needs to be at least a $250 value, whether as one single item or as a prize pack from multiple sponsors. Prizes like a season-ticket racing pass, a watch party at the sponsor’s location, or a VIP fan experience are perfect prizes. Plus, if you’ve got a racetrack as your sponsor, these may not even cost them a dime.

WBVR-FM ran the “Show Us Your NASCAR Pride” photo contest offering tickets to two big races to the top three entries. The “My NASCAR Selfie” photo contest, run by WLNS-TV treated the winner to a VIP race weekend and tailgating supplies.

Fan Photo Contests are Great for Auto Racing

Prize Ideas for Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes prizes should be at least a $1,000 value (if not more!) in order to entice people to enter and drive tons of entries. You can give away anything related to an auto racing theme! Something with low cost to a sponsor but with a high perceived value, like free oil changes for the year, is perfect. Plus, if you add on an email opt-in, you can make sponsoring this promotion even more valuable to your advertiser.

WOOD-TV had nearly 1,500 people enter their auto racing sweepstakes. The winner would receive four tickets to a major NASCAR race, plus money to use on concessions and merchandise.

Bring in TONS of Entries with a Great Sweeps

Looking for even more prize ideas? Here’s a list to get you brainstorming!

Prize Ideas for ALL Your Auto Racing Promotions

  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Electronics
  • Race Tickets
  • Driving Experience at Local Raceway
  • VIP Experience at Local Raceway
  • Hats & Shirts
  • Auto Detailing
  • Race Tickets
  • Cash Cards
  • Gas Cards
  • Grocery Store Gift Cards

No matter what auto racing campaign you are running, try offering each entrant a free coupon for the sponsor that expires at the end of the season. This will drive foot traffic, increase the value of their investment, and make every participant feel like a winner.

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