Start Your Engines on Your Auto Racing Promotions

by Julie Foley Second Street

Auto racing quiz bundles can be an ideal opportunity for a variety of sponsors. Because quiz bundles run for weeks or months at a time, these can give your advertiser a long-lasting branding opportunity.


Not sure which advertisers to reach out to? All of these businesses would be great advertisers to target for quiz sponsorship packages.

RacetracksSprint Cup Location, Local Racetracks
AutomotiveDealerships, Audio Installers, Window Tinting, Mechanics, Detailing & Car Washes, Maintenance
Community ServiceBanks & Financial Services, Insurance Providers, Local Utilities
Food & BeverageLocal Pubs & Bars, Fast Food Chains, Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, Meat Markets
EntertainmentMovie Theaters, Event Venues
RecreationSports & Rec Centers, Gyms & Fitness Centers
RetailClothing & Hat Stores, Outdoor Stores, Sports Stores, Hardware Stores, Big Box Retailers, Bike & Cycling Shops, Home Audio Stores, Award & Trophy Shops
Service ProvidersHome Services, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors

That’s why you need to run an auto racing pick’em.

While you can offer an exclusive sponsorship to an advertiser who wants the benefits of being the center of the contest, the auto racing season lasts a whopping 37 weeks, making this a perfect promotion to target multiple sponsors to maximize your revenue potential.

Continued promotion is key to these long-term contests. Be sure to set up an email campaign, featuring your sponsors’ logos and coupons, to run throughout the entirety of your auto racing pick’em.

Price out all elements of your package individually. Here are two samples from a television network in a mid-size market. The first is for an exclusive sponsorship and can earn your company $48,000.


The second is for a multiple sponsorship split among 6 sponsors – here you could make more than $55,000.


Ready to do even more?

Here are four steps to maximize revenue opportunities with your Auto Racing Pick’Em.

Develop an Auto Racing Promotions Strategy

The more you plan ahead, the more successful your auto racing campaign will be.

  1. Create your team. Put together a promotions team from a variety of departments. Be sure to include someone from Sales, Marketing, Newsroom/Digital Content, and Audience Development.
  2. Determine your objectives. As a team, create a list of goals this promotions campaign should achieve. This could be building an email database, growing revenue, or developing relationships with new advertisers.
  3. Complement your current initiatives. Make a list of your current initiatives that align with the auto racing theme. Do you broadcast races? Do you have an automotive special section in the paper? Pick promotions that suit these initiatives.
  4. Develop a timeline. Work with your cross-departmental team to create your promotions calendar. The more you plan, the more successful your promotions can be. We recommend the 3-2-1 rule: plan 3 months out, sell 2 months out, and promote 1 month out.


Download the Auto Racing Playbook

We’ve put together an entire playbook filled with ideas to maximize your auto racing promotions strategy. This guide will not only provide an overview of the different types of auto racing contests you can run, but also will help you lay out a plan to help you begin planning, start promoting, and increase your revenue opportunities around auto racing.

Get your copy of Your Guide to Auto Racing Promotions.

Create an Integrated Promotions Campaign

Consider the season long pick’em to be the strong foundation of your auto racing promotions campaign. Augment the pick’em with other promotions like quiz bundles, sweepstakes, and maybe even a Fan Fanatic photo contest. These additional promotions will target an even broader audience, keep engagement up throughout the long season, and earn you more revenue.

Here’s a sample calendar for an integrated auto racing promotions campaign.


Utilize VIP Pickers in the Pick’Em

Using VIP Pickers is a perfect way to boost engagement with your pick’em. Give your own sports talent (sports writers or announcers), representatives of your sponsors, and local celebrities the VIP treatment. Publish their weekly picks, photo, and business credentials so your audience can compare their picks to theirs.


Make this coming auto racing season your next success story. Check out our collection of auto racing promotions information and case studies to inspire your team this year.