36 Ideas for Advertisers to Pitch Right Now

by Liz Huff Second Street


Drugstores & Pharmacy

Drugstores are an essential business. With lots of competition and a shift to ecommerce purchase behavior, it’s important to keep their business top of mind for potential customers. A sweepstakes for a valuable gift card coupled with lead-generation questions, grows their email database so pharmacies can continue having conversations with existing and potential customers.

Food Delivery Companies

Delivery Services like GrubHub, Instacart, and DoorDash are seeing their biggest surge ever. They’re looking for ways to ensure everyone in their market knows about their business and the services they offer. A simple sweepstakes offering credit to these businesses not only educates prospects, but it also develops a list of leads for future follow-up discounts and incentives.


We know grocery stores are busier than ever right now, and their businesses have been transformed. In the short-term, they want to create a direct line of communication with consumers. A simple grocery giveaway is more valuable than ever right now. These businesses are strong and core to their community, and a contest like this is a wonderful way for them to give back. Check out our list of 3 Ideas to Target Grocery Stores!

Hyvee Grocery Bracket

Home Improvement Stores

This industry is booming, and things like paint sales are at an all time high. Be sure to remind these stores that there is still competition in their market and it’s important to to stay front-and-center. DIY photo contests, project supply giveaways, and home project quizzes will drive the right audience and with an email opt-in, these stores will build a database to reach out to with offers.

WJXT-TV Green Space Photo Contest

Legal Services

Legal services are always big spenders but they’re currently leaning into the moment now that other advertisers have pulled back their spending. Legal issues such as bankruptcy, will and estate planning, family law and personal injury are all timely right now. This industry is looking to position themselves within the community and align themselves with goodwill. Promotions like Hometown Heroes, a community-sights photo contest, or even a high school graduation gallery puts these businesses front-and-center with the community.

Take a Walk Photo Gallery from WGN

Mortgage Companies

Interest rates are dropping and home-owners are looking at their options. For an industry without a lot of customer loyalty, now is the time for mortgage companies to look to win new business. A simple sweepstakes for mortgage payments or “Should You Refinance Your Home?” quizzes attract homeowners in need of their services.


Telemedicine’s convenient services are especially powerful right now. Mental health, pediatric, pain management, physical therapy – are all providing services virtually and looking for exposure. Help these established services and businesses pivoting to this new line of business with promotions like quizzes to educate their audience.

Wealth Managers & Financial Planners

Right now, everyone is looking at their investment portfolios (or lack thereof). Financial planners will need to work to retain their current customers, but may also take advantage of the opportunity to secure new business. People are looking to be financially aware, so quizzes about wealth management will drive interest with prospective customers.

Wine & Liquor Stores

This is an industry that’s booming! Wine and liquor stores have become a direct response business now offering ecommerce solutions, curbside pickup, and other services. It’s more important than ever for them to build their email database to share special offers with consumers. Promotions like “Show Us Your Quarantine Drink” photo contest or a “Which Beer are You?” quiz will target wine and liquor enthusiasts in your market, and with an email opt-in, you can grow that valuable database.


Banks and Credit Unions

When money is in flux, people are looking for means of financial support and options from their bank. Banks and credit unions are eager for opportunities to retain their existing customers and secure new business. Quizzes about responsible saving or giveaways for mortgage payments, are campaigns that educate their audience on the bank’s services and drive a list of new leads.

Community Cash Game Sweepstakes

Fence Installers & Repair

More time at home means people are shifting their money from vacations and getaways to home projects and renovations. With a job that can be done entirely outside the house, fence providers are looking to build their pipeline at this moment. A contest with the prize of a new fence will uncover local homeowners in the market for their services.

Photo Contest for Fence Company

Gardening Centers & Nurseries

With stay-at-home orders across the country, people are turning to their yards and gardens for a source of relaxation and produce. This means garden centers and nurseries are looking for ways to educate people on their services like curbside pick up and home delivery. Running a giveaway for a brand new garden or a yard makeover, will identify a ton of potential customers – many who have never been into gardening before.

Sweepstakes for Garden Gift Card


The HVAC industry is a category every homeowner needs. But as homeowners cancel regularly scheduled maintenance and a backlog of appointments fill up, this is the perfect time to identify new leads and grab business from competitors. Giving away a new HVAC system or free maintenance or even an HVAC maintenance quiz are perfect opportunities to engage homeowners. Plus, with lead-generation questions, you can learn the age of their current system, the size of their home, or other critical information for driving sales. Check out these 4 Hot Promotion Ideas for HVAC Companies for more ideas.

Messenger Post Media HVAC sweepstakes


While some homeowners are into the DIY craze, others would prefer to hire a landscaper to complete the job. ‘Fix My Yard’ photo contests, landscape tips quizzes, or a simple sweepstakes for a lawn makeover will deliver the qualified leads these landscaping companies are looking for. Plus, with an email opt-in landscapers have a database to reach out to with offers.

Outdoor Gear & Supplies

As social distancing becomes the new normal, many people are turning to hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities to keep busy. A best outdoor activities bracket, fishing photo contest, hiking personality quiz, or sweepstakes for gear and equipment uncover the adventurous members of your audience. Be sure to include an email opt-in and a thank-you coupon to drive sales for these retailers.

Pool Maintenance

With people realizing they’ll be home a lot more this summer, pool maintenance businesses are getting ready for the busy season. Finding homeowners with pools is key to growing their business, and as people install new pools, they’ll want to be top of mind. If you want to find pool owners, consider a giveaway for free pool opening services, quizzes about pool maintenance, or even a “Cool in the Pool” photo contest.

Real Estate

People are investing in their homes and interest rates are low. In a downturn, it’s common for people to look to downsize their homes while others may take advantage of the lower rates to buy a larger one. Now is the time for real estate agents and companies to establish themselves in the community. Quizzes like “Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?” or “How Much Do You Know about the Current Real Estate Market?” are great for identifying potential buyers. For more ideas check out these 4 Ideas to Pitch to Real Estate Businesses.

are you ready to sell your home? personality quiz


Roofing is a category people will always need. This industry relies on having a full pipeline of qualified leads. Some of these advertisers haven’t normally had to spend money on advertising because business has been so robust, but now they need to be more open to spending for a list of qualified leads. A giveaway of a new free roof will identify homeowners in need of their services, and including a thank-you coupon for a free estimate helps drive additional business.

Sweepstakes for a New Roof

Tax Preparers

With the recent tax extensions and financial disruption, consumers are wondering if they could save money in their tax preparation. Whether they’re offered a better deal with a new tax provider or if they’re considering bringing in a professional advisor, Now is the time to pitch quizzes about tax tips or sweepstakes for free tax preparation to identify qualified leads and drive new business.

Tree Trimming & Removal

With people at home and spending lots of time outdoors, they’re thinking of landscaping projects to get done. Tree trimmers and arborists rely on leads. A sweepstakes giving away their services as a prize or a “Help My Tree” photo contest will qualify leads. When you include lead-generating questions about plans, trees, and homeownership you’ll provide even more information to your advertiser.

Urgent Care

This is an incredibly fast growing category. As people are encouraged to go to urgent care for non-COVID-19 concerns, local urgent cares are looking to establish themselves. Healthcare quizzes are ideal opportunities to engage a targeted audience and drive leads for these businesses.


Urologists are usually spending their advertising budgets around this time of year. With sports opportunities out of the picture, they’re looking for creative ways to get the word out about their offerings. Promotions are a fantastic way to drive awareness and generate qualified leads for these businesses.

Windows & Doors

Window and door businesses are looking to invest in building brand awareness now to generate sales on the other side of this pandemic. Sweepstakes for free windows, a quiz about window energy efficiency, or even a “Save My Windows” photo contest will help find homeowners, build their database, and fill their future pipeline with qualified leads.

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Automotive businesses have shifted in the way they’re spending ad dollars. Help your auto advertisers remain front-and-center for their potential prospects and fill their future sales pipeline with timely, community-focused campaigns like Health Heroes, Family Fun at Home brackets, and more. Include lead-generation questions to identify potential prospects in the market for cars now that dealerships have shifted to online shopping.

Herald Mail Corona Quiz


Colleges have been completely disrupted and students are looking into their distance-learning and on-campus options. Help local colleges identify prospects for enrollment through sweepstakes, quizzes, and more promotions which showcase the school’s unique offerings and benefits. A sweepstakes with the prize of a free year of tuition is perfect for building a list of potential students.


While dentists aren’t looking to start advertising right now, now is the time to have a focused conversation with local dental professionals about their options and ways to fill their pipeline with customers in Q3 and Q4. While dental appointments are on hold, quizzes about dental health or sweepstakes for free dental services identify prospects. Adding on an email database will allow them to reach out as soon as the time is right.

Eye Care

Help the eye care professionals in your market build a pipeline of potential customers to target in Q3 and Q4. Now is the time for them to keep their current customers engaged while also looking to potentially ‘steal’ business from others in their market. Consider eye care health quizzes, “Show Us Your Specs” photo contests, or a simple sweepstakes for glasses, contacts, or elective procedures. Need ideas for engaging these businesses? Check out these 3 Great Promotion Ideas for Healthcare Specialists.

Show Us Your Spectacles Photo Contest

Fitness Equipment

With community gyms and fitness centers closed, people are looking for alternative ways to exercise. Fitness retailers like bike shops and running stores need an email database of leads to send out offers. A contest like a home gym giveaway or a ‘Healthy Selfie’ photo contest uncover potential customers. Check out these 5 Promotions to Run for Gyms and Fitness Retailers!

Home Storage

Stuck at home, we’re all noticing all the extra stuff in our garages and basements. Home storage businesses are looking for those homeowners. Room makeover photo contests, home organization tips quizzes, or simply a storage pod or dumpster service giveaway target this audience who may be in the market for storage solutions. Be sure to include lead-generation questions to identify homeowners and understand their needs.


While their offices may be closed, orthodontists are investing in marketing now to grow their pipeline for when they reopen. A sweepstakes for free braces with lead-generating questions asking about scheduling a consultation identifies families in your community in need of their services. Now’s a perfect time to talk to orthodontists who are stuck at home and available to make marketing decisions.

Pet Services

Pet services such as food and vet care continue to be essential during this time. Now is the time for them to grow and maintain their database, so they can efficiently communicate with customers, send information and offers, and promote their unique services. A pet food sweepstakes or pet dental health trivia quiz is perfect to promote your advertiser’s initiatives. For more ideas, check out these 3 Perfect Promotions Ideas for Pet Services.


Many restaurants have taken this opportunity to pivot to curbside pickup, delivery, and other alternatives. An email database is critical to helping these restaurants be sustainable throughout this time. Promotions are key to helping these restaurants grow an email database to share specials, discounts, and tell customers about their services. Simple sweepstakes for meals and gift cards will identify interested customers in their market.

Sweepstakes for Restaurant Gift Card

Spas and Salons

While they may not be open right now, spas and and salons are eager to grow their email database for when they’re able to open back up. Anticipating a backlog, many of these businesses hope to find new customers looking for the first available appointment. From haircuts and manicures to facials and botox, these businesses need a way to let people know about their services. A giveaway for their services or a quiz like “Which Spa Service Do You Need?” will drive a list of potential customers.

Trade Schools

The future is a little uncertain for the education industry and many people are looking for options. Trade schools are a good and affordable fit for many. A sweepstakes for free tuition is great for helping these schools get the word out about their online classes and provide a list of interested students.

Trade School Sweeps from Seacoast Media Group


Even though travel isn’t an option right now, people are dreaming about their next vacation! Help travel businesses build a pipeline of potential consumers to reach out to with deals and offers as soon as travel is opened up again. A sweepstakes with a prize of a vacation good through 2021 will identify those people eager for their next getaway and put them in a perfect position to act when travel season comes back. Check out these 4 Ideas for Travel Services!

Tutoring Services

Tutoring and virtual learning services are in high-demand right now. As kids are missing school, we expect to see more and more families looking for additional educational help in the next year. Help these local businesses connect with parents that need help through sweepstakes for free services and quizzes like “Can You Pass a Fifth Grade Math Test?”. We’ve put together a list of 3 Smart Promotion Ideas to Attract Education Advertisers – check it out!


This change in the economy has left many advertisers scared and scrambling to drive leads and business right now. Promotions are the answer to this. Advertisers aren’t just looking to run another ad, they want something producing measurable results and an ROI they can see immediately. Be prepared to offer them a solution to help them in this time of need.