5 Trends Revealed at the 7th Annual Second Street Awards

by Matt Coen Second Street

As we look over the results of the 7th Annual Awards, here are the trends that bubbled up as keys to success:

Plan out a promotions calendar

Again and again, the media companies who run the most successful programs are the ones who plan. By creating a promotions strategy and setting an ambitious – but attainable – goal, you’ll provide a clear direction to provide focus for your team.

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Start your planning process by taking the time to prepare your promotions calendar. Need some ideas to get you started? Download the Promotions Calendar Template.

Promotions work for any advertiser

The Second Street Awards once again proved that you can find an ideal promotion for any advertiser in your market. It’s time to start looking for these new advertisers to spend their digital dollars with you. Our Seller’s Guide to Promotions will provide your sales team with survey questions, prize ideas, promotion ideas and much more for more than 30 different advertising categories. With this handbook, you can confidently walk into your next sales meeting and walk out with a new client.

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Develop a multi-promotion campaign

Combining multiple promotions into one package can rake in huge benefits for your advertisers by extending the life of the promotion, providing longer exposure for your sponsor, and engaging a wider audience and demographic. Greater advertiser benefits lead to a higher sponsorship investment and a spike in revenue for your media company. So this year, don’t just run a football pick’em – run a football campaign including a variety of promotions like a pick’em, a photo contest, and even a quiz bundle.


Every department at your company can leverage promotions

This year’s Second Street Awards illustrated the versatility of promotions. No longer are they merely tools for your advertising department. Now, they’re making a huge impact in every aspect of your company. Quizzes can be leveraged to enhance any piece of content on your website such as a quiz about candidates running in a local election, a trivia quiz testing your music IQ, or consider a quiz that matches the user with what new show they should watch this fall. Plus, with more than a hundred turnkey quizzes already created, designed, and ready to publish, it’s easy to get started.


Don’t undervalue your product

Spending on digital promotions is growing exponentially. Based on a study from Borrell and Associates, digital spending will skyrocket to $88 billion in 2018 – that’s a growth of more than 600% over the past 10 years. When it comes to pricing your promotions, break down every aspect of your sponsorship package to get an accurate value of all the benefits you’re providing your advertiser. Check out this collection of articles dedicated to pricing and packaging promotions.



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