How to Perfect Your 2020 Engagement Strategy

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

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Email is the number one way to achieve engagement goals with your audience. We’ve put together an entire toolkit of resources to drive your success with email. With interactive worksheets for determining the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a subscriber to a tool for helping you decide your next hit newsletter, this toolkit will get you started on the right foot.

Key Takeaways

Engagement drives business opportunities, revenue, and audience loyalty.
For many media companies, the idea of engagement is simple – get more listeners, viewers, or readers. But once you get those new audience members, do you have goals for keeping them and turning them into brand advocates and potential revenue? Sit down with your team to determine the true lifetime value of a new audience member. Once everyone understands the value of a new person, it’s easier to set meaningful goals around them.

Email and promotions create a powerful closed loop of engagement.
If you want to grow your email database, promotions are the best way to do it. When compared with companies using widgets and promotions, our data shows promotions drove 87% of the new opt-ins. Beyond promotions, creating quality emails to deliver meaningful, relevant content will have your audience excited to receive your messages and encouraged to forward to others.

You don’t need sponsors or even prizes to be successful.
We often hear the hesitation to invest in a great engagement strategy because it’s costly. However, creating meaningful promotions and emails doesn’t need to rely on sponsors or prizes at all to be successful. Maybe your prize for being chosen as Athlete of the Week is a write-up in your paper – in many cases, recognition by your brand is a prize on its own!

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