3 Steps to Winter Revenue Success

by Liz Crider Huff Second Street


Get Your Revenue Guide to Winter Promotions & Interactive Content. In this valuable handbook, you’ll find inspiration, case studies, and tips for crafting the perfect winter calendar and maximizing your revenue over these three months.

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Target the Right Advertisers

Winter is the biggest season for retail spending which means tons of advertisers are looking for opportunities for brand awareness. Make sure you’re prepared to reach out to these top advertisers.

Check Out These Great Winter Advertisers

Bundle Your Engagement Campaigns

Tie multiple promotions and interactive content together to create an even more powerful engagement campaign. Bundled campaigns provide advertisers opportunities for extended brand awareness and additional data collection. Plus, a bundled campaign can maximize the revenue for your media company.

Start Planning Now

It’s important to give your team plenty of time to sell sponsorships and market your initiatives. We recommend following the 3-2-1 Rule and to start your planning at least three months before your campaign kicks off.

Whether you’re looking to make $30,000, $60,000, or even $90,000, we’ve got a revenue plan that will help you meet and succeed your revenue goals this winter.

Generate Over $30K This Winter
Generate Over $60K This Winter
Generate Over $90K This Winter

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