7 Tips to Optimize Your Contest Thank-You Pages

by Emily Thousand Second Street

Include a Coupon.

While you’re probably already offering a prize for your contest, a coupon makes every user feel like a winner. This is a perfect chance to highlight a product or service of the advertiser and drive foot traffic.

Make sure your thank-you page includes a coupon

Be Brief.

A thank-you page shouldn’t be a place to write a novel. Be brief with your text and clearly provide all the relevant information. If you have a lot to say, consider linking to an external page on your website.

Keep your thank-you page brief

Link to a Specific Page.

When you link to your page or your sponsor’s pages, be thoughtful about the destination. Don’t just link back to the homepage. Instead direct your users to a specific page related to the contest or prize.

Include a link to a specific webpage on your thank-you page

Make It Visual.

So often we see a thank-you page that is a page of just text. Be sure to include your logo or your sponsor’s logo. You may even want to add additional imagery related to the contest.

Use logos and eye-catching colors on your thank-you page

Encourage Extra Chances.

Make sure to encourage extra chances by sharing on social media. Clearly highlight this opportunity so users don’t miss it. Remember, the more it’s shared on social, the higher engagement your contest will receive.

Be sure to encourage your users to share on social

Customize Social Sharing.

Take time to customize the image and text that will be provided when someone shares your contest. If you have a sponsor, include them in the post as well to get them additional exposure.

Be sure to customize the text and images for social shares

Send a Thank-You Email.

Be sure to send a thank-you email including your coupon and similar info from your thank-you page. While a user may forget to save the thank-you page, the email will stay in their inbox.

Always send a thank-you email to users

Whatever you do, don’t spend all your time creating the perfect photo contest or sweepstakes, just to forget about prioritizing your thank-you page.